Energy Management

Since deregulation the energy market has become increasingly competitive and confusing. Hidden fees, misguided long term contracts, variable uncertainty and poor price point negotiation are now all commonplace.

Vision is a full service energy solution provider, specializing in the procurement and management of commercial natural gas and electricity supply. Our programs are designed to simplify energy management and deliver the intended benefits of energy deregulation. Our group of analysts and advisors will help navigate the confusing energy markets and present tailored procurement options.

Vision is a trusted advisor, with a strong fundamental understanding of deregulation and the deregulated markets, more so than many other firms. Our commitment to market research, multiple top tier supplier relationships and around the clock market exposure, provides our clients access to extreme market depth and understanding.

What we do:
– Maximize market position.
– Continually identify buying opportunities.
– Review all the options.
– Design procurement strategies.
– Simplify management and processes.
– Keep our clients informed.
– Tailored client support levels.